​​DEVOZION is an exciting vocal collective founded and conducted by recording artist (Warner and EMI), Charlotte Roel. The collective counts several professional vocalists and studio musicians and consists of 12 seasoned singers. Gifted American and Danish session musicians form the vocal collective's amazing house band.

Founder and conductor, Charlotte Roel, plans the vocal collective’s repertoire and is in charge of leading DEVOZION. Roel is a trained musician from Manhattan School of Music in New York and Master of Theology 2022 from the University of Copenhagen.

DEVOZION sings a mixed repertoire of covers and original urban gospel songs written by Charlotte Roel and her "London little brother" and vocal sidekick supreme, JnR Segre Robinson, par excellence. DEVOZION's musical inspiration also stems from R&B, soul, jazz and contemporary gospel. DEVOZION rehearsals include warm-ups, singing exercises and rhythm training with attention to detailed musical finesse. Attendance is required for both rehearsals and concerts to maintain the high level of the vocal collective.

DEVOZION is aimed at trained vocalists with solid experience in part harmony singing and a desire and passion for preparing at home. New members are admitted by audition only. Here the conductor tests the voice and vocal range in relation to placement in the vocal collective, composition and overall sound. To maintain the desired vocal sound density it is Roel's vision that the total number of singers at any given point never exceeds 15 vocalists (5 singers on each SAT voice).

DEVOZION had their debut 5th June 2022 at the Apostle Church on Vesterbro and at El Cava Restaurant, Ved Stranden both in Copenhagen. The vocal collective will be performing at festivals and cafés and contribute to and participate in services and events both inside and outside the church. Plans include hosting its very own Christmas and Easter concerts 2022 and 2023 with dates tba.

DEVOZION rehearses once a fortnight Thursdays from 7-10 pm at the Apostle Church on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. Due to DEVOZION’s international profile and constitution rehearsals take place in English. For questions and inquiries about performances and admission at the Apostle Church on Vesterbro in Copenhagen on Charlotte Roel via email:

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